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Online Mentorship

Refuge selects a diverse cohort of college mentors dedicated to building meaningful and lasting relationships with refugee and immigrant students in their communities. Through weekly guided conversations, mentors work one-on-one with their mentees, helping them learn to navigate the college application process, develop their English language skills, and refine their career goals. Mentorship throughout the academic year is supplemented with immersive experiences, where mentees have the opportunity to explore campus and engage with local community partners. 

Mentor-Mentee Matching Process

  • All mentees take an entrance survey where they can express their unique needs, interests, and goals for mentorship.

  • Mentor-mentee pairs are matched based on each mentor’s strengths and each mentee’s preferences.

  • Mentorship pairings are made each fall and usually coincide with an on-campus kickoff event to make face-to-face introductions.

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Refuge Mentor Meeting.jpg

Mentor Training & Development

  • College mentors are selected through a rigorous application process including personal essays, a background check, and an interview.

  • Throughout the academic year, mentors participate in weekly trainings, where they enhance their knowledge of the issues faced by New Americans and develop their skills in communication and cultural competency.

  • We often invite guest speakers to mentor meetings, including our community partners who facilitate annual refugee advocacy trainings for our students.

Online 1-on-1 Mentorship

  • Every mentor-mentee pair commits to regular one-hour video chats, adapting to the schedules and specific needs of each mentee.

  • Mentors work with their mentees to develop a customized mentorship plan for the academic year based on the mentee’s personal goals and a modular curriculum developed by Refuge.

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